About The Book

-The Story-

If anyone were to ask me about my life, a life that was created and meant to be lived by no one other then myself, then I would say welcome and thank them for giving me the opportunity to share an amazing story with others.
       My name is Saphfire McCain. I would have to start in my early years. I loved my childhood. I was six year's old when I recieved my mother's gift. A gift so precious and very powerful, A power that helped me physically, emotionally, and last but certainly not least, spritually.
       My mother gave me a handmade dreamcatcher sapphire necklace. I love sapphire and the color blue. That necklace would serve more of a purpose than just a fashion statement. As I got older, times were changing, but not for the worse.
       If I ever had a hard time or couldn’t comprehend certain details of my life, I would always rely on the wisdom of God. I know in my heart it was Him that gave me the gift of sight. I had premonitions that were good and bad. There were even some that were down right evil. I tried not to question my gift too much. It was a part of who I am so I dealt with it.
       Toward the end of my teen years I had a job working at a movie theater. The cool thing about this theater is that it only showed science fiction and horror movies. I love to watch movies. If there was ever a chance that I would have that chance to become an actress, I would promise you one thing, that chance would not be missed.
        Well fortunately for me, my chance came creeping up. I kept my promise and traveled to Hollywood and became a famous actress. I made many different types of movies but the part that stuck with me the most was a part that would change my life entirely and forever.
         I was Saphfire the Slayer. I was your typical slayer. I slayed vampires, werewolves, zombies, monsters, and everything else that was ugly, dead and smelled really bad. I attended every premiere of all my films I starred in. But the one premiere I was most excited to attend was the very movie theater I used to work in.
         I made such an impression on the general manager when I was employed at his theater, that a big and special surprise was awaiting my arrival. That was a night that I would never forget. I enjoyed seeing my ex co-worker's and spending time with my fans, but I couldn’t help not to overcome the tragedy that was destined to happen.
         After the tragedy my life changed. It felt like I was a different person. Bad things were starting to happen. It seemed like I was no longer in control of my own life. I felt someone or something was trying to control it for me. I was betrayed and blamed for actions that I had nothing to do with...or did I.
         Nothing in my life is certain anymore. I have to put up with a lot of hell...literally. All around me is nothing but corruption...but that will change.
         Something that I pretend to be may have to become my reality. But I know, no matter what I do...the Kingdom of Heaven will be there every step of the way. I don't know why evil exists, but if it must exist...then I will make it preexist.